About Us

Welcome to Hyde's Harvest Coffee

     Hyde's Harvest Coffee is the brainchild of a construction worker. When you are going through the day on gas station coffee and grocery store blends it is sometimes difficult to have any coherent thoughts. Making it from one end of the day to the other is a struggle, and leaves you exhausted and sometimes broken. There are a few times in the day where taking a time out and having a great cup of coffee and a break under a freshly erected structure that make the day that much more worthwhile.

     It is this thought that inspired me to venture into an area I knew little about.  Certainly, I knew a lot about BAD  coffee and COLD  coffee and SPILLED  coffee, but not much about what make a coffee blend "Premium" or how the roasting process worked or the things that make a "Premium Coffee" incredibly memorable. Many years of experience later I have gained a great idea of what makes coffee more than just a drink, and I have put this knowledge and my experience with what NOT to do into making a company built around satisfying the working man's need for a short coffee break.

     Hyde's Harvest Coffee has become a fast-growing, customer-focused online store, with customers all around the United States. Though we are just getting started, there is much more growth to come and as long as we keep our focus on you, the hardworking backbone of the USA, we are certain that you will remember us time and again. 

     As a final note - If you have any problems, concerns, bitches/moans/gripes about the coffee, the delivery, the website, the guy that's writing this long letter, I'd like you to write me about it. If you have a favorite roast and want to see if we can do it better, let me know. If you loved or hated what got sent to you and want to leave a review, send it with a picture of you, or the bag and a cup, or something that you'd want to represent you on here and I'll feature you, your first name and some quotes (good and bad) because without honesty there is no improvement.

     You can direct your emails to hydesharvestcoffee@gmail.com and it will be me reading it, never a secretary or customer service rep... because we all know, the lady in the office might be great to look at but it's hell getting anything done without talking to the man that signs the check.



Hyde's Harvest Coffee