Cowboy Blend

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Hyde's Harvest Cowboy Blend

Any cowboy that's been working long enough to fade the seat of his jeans knows at least two things for sure... There's nothing more satisfying than joking about the new guy over a pot of coffee on a cold morning, and it's really hard to find a good tasting coffee that doesn't come in a bag that's gonna make the rest of the crew laugh.

Our Cowboy blend is a blend of Medium and Dark roasted coffee that comes in a no frills, all business package. It tastes great and has enough kick to get even the most worn boots moving in the morning. Enjoy a perfectly blended coffee with just a hint of cocoa, caramel and vanilla snuck in. We won't tell the guys if you don't.

This flavor is offered in sizes from 12oz to 12lb in Standard Ground and Whole Bean... Because we don't think you're gonna need the Espresso.